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Here's to the Next Show 

"Here's to the Next Show," a new original song.



I started writing this song a while ago, in the midst of show cancelation after show cancelation.  I got to play some incredible shows at the beginning of the year.  There were many more planned, but as things progressed, some shows were moved to an online format, and most were simply called off.  It was quite sad and disappointing, but absolutely the right call during a global pandemic.  However, there was no way I was going to stop shows altogether. 

As the year went on, I found new ways to play shows.  Solo live streams, "group" live streams via Zoom, these YouTube videos, etc.  It was a strange new world of performing, but it allowed me to keep doing what I love, and to connect to both my musical colleagues and you wonderful listeners in new ways. 

Now back to the song.  What started as a song to help deal with the disappointment of so many cancelations became more.  It also became a way to express my gratitude for the chance to keep performing, and the support I received for doing so.  In keeping with that, the first time I played this song live was on the "Danny & Jimmy and Friends" live stream in December, a virtual show that brought together many of my friends from around the Midwest to share music with folks around the world.  It was vastly different from what I would have done a year ago, but it was an absolute blast. 

So thank you, and here's to the next show! 

You can find the demo recording of "Here's to the Next Show" right here.

Tippers for Sale! 

Hi Everybody!

I now have handmade bundle tippers available for sale on my Bandcamp!  Made from bamboo or wood, the tippers are available in a variety of lengths, single- or double-ended grips, and as a full bundle or with a solid core.  There will always be a few in stock, but I will also take custom orders.  Check them out here!


If you want to see/hear the tippers in action, check out this video I did with Jimmy the Piper!


Small Adventures 

It's here! Small Adventures is now available to all of you lovely people!  You can buy a hand-stamped physical copy at any of my shows, or find it digitally on my Bandcamp page, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, etc.  Enjoy!